Our Facility

Located in Fenton, Missouri

Our team at Sled & Breakfast are knowledgable in dog behavior and training, and are able to take a hands on role each day while working with your dog in daycare, boarding, or training.

Our facility has both indoor and outdoor play areas for your dog all day long.

Our facility is based on dog safety and prioritizes your dog’s natural behavior in our daycare experience.

  • 8 foot tall fences surrounding the yards, and all yards are turfed and shaded.

  • Play groups based on dog size (small, medium, & large dogs) and their activity level.

  • Open 6:00 am – 9:00 pm for daycare drop-off and pickup.

  • Dogs are socialized for their play group & safely integrated in with the other dogs in their group. All dogs must pass an evaluation with one of our trainers before being accepted for daycare.

  • Our staff has safety procedures and protocols in place, and is well versed in dog behavior.

  • Dogs feeding / medication distribution if needed (customized service add-on based on dog’s needs).

The Sled & Breakfast building!

Director of Training, Logan, working on training with a training client, Lucy!

This is the indoor big dog playroom. The indoor room connects to the outdoor yard so your dog can go in and out as they please.

Our front lobby area for check in.

Our boarding suites

The Sled & Breakfast Suites! You can bring comfort items or we can provide a cot!

The Sled & Breakfast outdoor yard.

A view of the medium dog yard. We have sunshades, fans, & pools for warm weather!

Our standard kennels are the perfect place for medium-sized dogs who are used to kennels at home!

During training, dogs practice their “climb” command by staying on their platform.

the yard

Play Groups Made for Your Dog

Our building and yard setup is unique – we have outdoor yards with connecting doors to the inside dog play area rooms. For example, the “Small Dog” outdoor yard connects through a door to the indoor “Small Dog” indoor play area room. This means your dog has the option to go outside and play as long as they want to, or come inside anytime they choose for a quick nap or some indoor time.

Most of the time though, the dogs choose to play outside and love the space they get to run and play around outside with their friends. This means that you get a tired out and (hopefully!) well behaved dog for the rest of the evening when you pick them up after work!

Of course – your dog’s safety is at the TOP of our priority list, so if there is inclement weather, or it is just too hot or too cold, we will make sure all daycare dogs are entertained indoors only while the weather conditions last.

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