Meet Our Team

Located in Fenton, Missouri

Our team at Sled & Breakfast are knowledgable in dog behavior and training, and are able to take a hands on role each day while working with your dog in daycare, boarding, or training.

Melissa Chestnut


As a lifelong resident of south St. Louis County, I am excited to be starting this new business adventure just a few miles from where I grew up. My family always had labradors, so after rescuing our first husky, I quickly learned that this was the breed I was meant to have. I was born a dog lover. My favorites are the big, slobbery, hairy, snugglers that think they are lap dogs. I have never met a dog I didn’t like and have always wanted to work at a place where I was surrounded by them. I feel very fortunate to now be able to own a business focused on the four-legged friends that I love.

Since graduating from Mizzou, I have worked in small businesses and as an entrepreneur. Before having my daughter, I was co-owner of a family construction business. Now that she’s getting older, it feels like the perfect time to combine my business knowledge and passion for dogs into Sled & Breakfast. My other passion is scuba diving and all things in the ocean; my husband, daughter and I love to travel any chance we get. I’m sure you’ll get to meet them both along with our three rescue dogs, Hearty, Sparkle, and Bob around the daycare.

Stacie Gronemeyer

Office Manager

I have loved animals of all species and sizes for as long as I can remember and I always knew that I’d end up working with them as a career in some capacity. I have an associate degree in veterinary technology from Jefferson College and worked for eight years in the veterinary field. I met Richie when we worked together previously and when he approached me with the news of his new venture Sled and Breakfast I just had to jump on board from the beginning.
My animal family is relatively large and seemingly ever-expanding. My husband and I have two dogs: Cap’n Diesel and Remy, two horses: Boo and Rhett, two goats: Frumpleupagus and Neville, and a crazy cat named Gimli. Each one of them has their own personality and a special place in my heart.
I absolutely love working at Sled and Breakfast. We have an incredible team that Richie and Melissa have established here, our customers are great to work with and I always enjoy interacting with them, but what I love most about this place is, of course, the dogs!

Logan Boyle

Director of Training

Growing up as an animal lover, I knew I’d always work with animals. From the dogs we had as family pets to owning my own variety of animals of all sizes. I graduated from the Veterinary Technology Program at Jefferson College in May 2020. I’ve worked as a veterinary technician for 6 years at a few different veterinary clinics around the area, but animal behavior has been my passion for many years.

It all started when I got my first dog, Bandit. A beagle/boxer mix that I got when starting the vet tech program. Bandit showed great potential as a puppy, a mischievous one at that. Bandit has been my right hand & best friend through life & medical changes over the years. Bandit has many different obedience & trick titles then eventually became my medical alert service dog. Then Riot came along, Riot is my black Labrador Retriever I got as my trial sport dog/service dog prospect, he is still young but definitely loves to work & dock diving with his friends on our team. He has shown great success in the time I have had him. I also have a mixed breed puppy that was dumped at a previous vet clinic I worked at. She was originally supposed to be a foster dog, well I guess you can call her a foster fail. Her name is Nelli & she is the cutest little girl & greatest addition to the family.

When I’m not working or training my own dogs, I enjoy spending time with my family & relaxing with a good book or movie. I’m looking forward to my adventure being the Director of Training at Sled & Breakfast and can’t wait to meet you & your fur babies!

KC Trueman

Director of Marketing & Advertising

Growing up in central Illinois, I’ve always loved dogs. I always said as a little girl, when I grew up, I’d either be a Jazzercise instructor or I’d work with dogs. And if you’re reading this bio, you can see which one adult-me chose!

I adopted a black pittie mix in 2015 named Zoe. She taught me how to care for dogs and has loved challenging me daily ever since. Two years later, we adopted a Golden Retriever named Moose. This pup is my heart dog, and you’ll never meet a sweeter, goofier dog out there.

I have volunteered at local rescues and shelters, taking portraits of adoptable dogs and cats looking for homes. Being a pet photographer has helped me find my love for dogs and has led me to where I am now.

When I’m not at Sled & Breakfast, you can usually find me at home on the couch with my husband and sons, binge watching The Office or some other comfort show.

Carmen Huntebrinker


Growing up, I have always been an animal lover. My family has always had a variety of animals ranging in all different types and sizes. When I was six months old my family adopted a six week old Labrador Retriever/ Pit bull mix named Chica. Chica, being my first childhood dog, was the best dog I could ever ask for. She was my heart, soul, and best friend all in one. Chica is the reason I decided I wanted to work with dogs for the rest of my life.
Life later threw a couple more my way, Gus, Cooper, and Radar. Gus is a Labrador Retriever/ German Shepard mix, the prince of the family. While also being best friends with Cooper, a Pit bull/ Boxer mix. Who is also the sweetest most snuggly dog you’ll ever meet. Next is Radar, a Great Pyrenees, a.k.a. big fluffy goofball. All being the most wonderful additions to my family along with the list of other fur babies I have. The list is just too long!!
I am very lucky to be working at a place where I can be with dogs that I can love like my own. When I’m not working at Sled & Breakfast, you will usually find me at Jefferson College working on getting my Associates of Science Degree in Biology. I later will use this degree to transfer to a four-year university for vet school. If I’m not there studying for a chemistry exam, you can usually find me on the lake, riding horses with my sister, or watching a good show.

Laura Litty


Hello and thanks for stopping by to meet the team!
I have been a Missourian since birth, but anyone who knows me will tell you that my heart belongs to Kentucky – the land of bluegrass, bourbon, and horses!  My dream as a child was to become an equine veterinarian and work at Churchill Downs racetrack.  Life had other plans which included raising two beautiful daughters, having a menagerie of animals, and earning my degree in Criminology.  Besides dogs (of course) our furry family ranged from cats, rats, bunnies, hamsters, and birds (of which I am terrified of!)
Over the years it has been my honor to share my life with huskies, mutts, and a very quirky Australian Shepherd.  Then one day, completely by no design, a special needs Great Dane walked into my life.  The rest, as they say, was history! Great Danes are my breed! I have a soft spot in my heart for seniors and deaf fur babies.  Our seniors may move slower, but to help them enjoy socializing at their own pace is a personal goal for me.  And making a connection with deaf pups while learning how to best communicate with them is a source of joy.
Sled and Breakfast is a new and exciting chapter of my life that allows me to work with the animals that I truly I care about alongside some of the best animal care professionals in the business.

Vickie Sharp

Facility Manager

I was born in St. Louis, Mo. and grew up in South County before moving to Fenton. I have worked with horses and ponies since I was 10 years old when I started my first job with Bob Walton Ponies in South County. We brought ponies to birthday parties, church and school picnics for children to ride ponies. In 1990 I went to school to become a veterinarian assistant at Midwest Institute. I worked for a vet for several years and then I started my own pony ride business, over a decade Our Little Ponies performed pony rides.

In 1998, I started working construction as a laborer and by 2015 I became a safety manager and traveled all over the US with a solar and wind company. I recently came home to care for my elderly mom. That’s when I found Sled & Breakfast, my dream job! I love working around dogs and am very pleased with the staff.